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Ensuring everyone who can benefit from reablement has the opportunity to do so, with 1400 more people receiving the most effective intermediate care every year

Over 200 people have now been through a new and improved exit process involving teams from ECL, SPT and ECC. This sees people leave the service when they are ready, making space for others who need it.

The new way of working trial has seen the introduction of smart goals, early MDT’s, therapy capacity tracking and increased visibility of caseloads and data. The pilot has shown promising results with countywide adoption now in full swing.

Our New Ways of Working

Teams from across the system have worked together to support a new exit process from Reablement across Essex.

As part of the work on the exit process – which is helping people move on from Reablement as soon as they are ready and thus increase capacity of the service – the team have made improvements to the shared tracker used by system colleagues.  ​

This revamp of the ‘Reablement ongoing care needs tracker’ means important, historic information about each person’s progress will be available to case workers.  

This small but powerful change now means that our shared records provide us with a much richer picture of a person’s journey in a way that is saves users time and provides much more reliable data and information to be able to best serve the people in the service.

Designed and tested by teams in Southwest Essex, a new way of working - that will have real benefits for customers and for staff - is set to be adopted by ECL teams across the county.  

For customers, the changes mean they are much more likely to achieve their goals and that they will also have a better, more joined-up experience, with fewer delays​. 

The new ways of working include new, early MDT meetings, SMART goal-setting and training, better tracking of therapy capacity and a new digital tool that helps Trusted Assessors to quickly and simply track customer progress. These new tools, information, and support, enable staff to help customers aim even higher.​


Last updated: 21/03/2022