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The Change Journey & The Change Curve

In order to get to a point where people adopt something new… there’s a journey they need to go on in their mind first.

Morale & Productivity will dip as people experience the change journey, so it is important to develop interventions to help reduce the impact and time it takes for individuals & teams to recover to optimise performance. 

We use this methodology by understanding and mapping where different stakeholders and stakeholder groups are on the change journey using the below six stages to identify how they feel about the changes. This helps us to identify any practical actions that need to be taken to ensure relationships with stakeholders remain productive and they are engaged in the change journey. 

Awareness - I’m aware that something might be changing

Understanding - I understand why we need to change and where we’re heading

Desire & Belief - I believe  this is the right thing to do

Knowledge - I know what I need to do differently

Capability & Confidence - I feel capable and confident about making this change

Adoption & Sustainability - I wouldn’t got back to old ways of working


Last updated: 11/04/2022